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Su Lorenzo

Nato in Italia nel 1988 

Attualmente vive come nomade digitale, viaggiando per il mondo e ispirando le persone.

Ha conosciuto Bitcoin per la prima volta nel 2011, ha capito questa rivoluzione e l'ha abbracciata.

Ha co-fondato due startup tra il 2013 e il 2020.

Più di 30 applicazioni pubblicate negli app store.

Lorenzo has inspired many communities such as...

Lorenzo's podcast with Avila Spaces

The RESTART your business, RECHARGE your life project, aims to share themes that we consider important for the Avila Spaces Community. These informal conversations are filled with new strategies and different ways of living and working, focusing on motivation and the rise of your potential! Every week we will receive a different guest in our Business Lounge for a LIVE chit-chat about BUSINESS and WELL-BEING on Facebook and Instagram @ 6PM! 

This Tuesday, March 25th, Lorenzo Primiterra, Senior Mobile Developer, was our guest and talked about cryptocurrency and the world of Bitcoins as a way to invest.


Books by Lorenzo

These books are his first published work with the aim to increase awareness about bitcoin even for those who have just heard of it for the first time.

Mamma, Ho Comprato Bitcoin!

Hey Mom, I Bought Bitcoin!

Bitcoin means money. In short, a new form of money.
Since the dawn of society, the concept of money has changed many times, and each time humans have had many difficulties in accepting these changes. Acceptance, in fact, often took centuries.
And this time is no different.
The acceptance process has been long and difficult: the money is virtual and only exists in digital form.

quote from "Hey Mom, I Bought Bitcoin"

Lorenzo's Blog

Feb 22, 2022 – Lorenzo Primiterra

Bitcoin as legal tender: report from El Salvador

Jan 10, 2022 – Lorenzo Primiterra

Two months in Argentina: inflation and the failure of the Fiat monetary system

Mar 2, 2021 – Lorenzo Primiterra

How crypto is helping in the fight for human rights

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